Welcome to SUGAR

Welcome to the Sugar Web Development blog. I’d like to use this area to post bits of news, interesting announcements and random ramblings.

So who’s running this thing? My name is David Bell and I’m a Web Developer who has just made a fairly big change to my working life. For six years I worked in a web team earning the monthly salary. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Met some fantastic clients and worked on some awesome projects. But, all good things come to an end. Christmas ‘06 rolled around and I decided it was time to make a change.

So, here I am working for myself, based in my little cottage in the Hampshire countryside and loving it. After doing the daily commute for six years, this has certainly been a welcome change.

Sugar is my company name and I am doing web work for clients in the Winchester, Southampton and Portsmouth areas of Hampshire, thats Hampshire in the United Kingdom. Just to be clear. My partner Jenni also runs a jewellery business called Twinkleberry. When I’m not working for clients I generally spend time updating the Twinkleberry products.

So, thats a little bit about me. A quick introduction to what I’m up to. Updates to follow soon…