Social Media makes it’s presence felt in the UK

Earlier this week Hitwise released some new numbers that demonstrates how important Social Media is becoming in the UK.  For anyone still wondering whether they should be taking a look at Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, blogging or any other social media service for their business the following graph makes for sobering reading:

Traffic to social networks during May 2010 passed the traffic to search engines.  That is quite a milestone and from the looks of things it is not going to get reversed anytime soon.  Despite the controversy surrounding Facebook’s privacy policies, the site continues to grow at an astonishing rate garnering 55% of all social network traffic in the UK. Youtube and Twitter are the other two standout sites in the UK with Bebo and MySpace falling away over the last year.

So what does this mean for your business?

At SUGAR we’re experiencing some great results with Linkedin and Twitter.  With Linkedin’s ability to support a company listing getting your key people more exposure on this network is an absolute must.  Using Cotweet for Twitter makes perfect sense for teams where multiple accounts can be setup easily with task assignments and “on duty” notifications. We’re still holding out on Facebook’s usefulness for B2B connections, but it’s growth and reach can no longer be ignored.

Contact David if you’d like more information on how to make your first foray into Social Media, these are online services you can no longer afford to avoid.