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PGL RSS Reader Presentation

The ability to subscribe to a RSS feed has transformed the way information can be processed on the web.  By clicking on the orange RSS icons or placing the RSS Feed URL into your Reader you can subscribe to a blog or a website.  New content arrives on your desktop as it is published, saving you time and effort.

With a good RSS Reader by your side, you can easily wade through tons of content discarding what you don’t need and only reading the items that require your attention.

As a backup to my third Peer Group Learning presentation I’ve listed the URL’s mentioned in my presentation below.

What is RSS?

Desktop-based Readers
Internet Explorer
Microsoft Outlook

Web-based Readers
Google Reader (My Reader of choice)

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PGL Blogging Presentation

[Post Update] Please note that I have updated the URL’s and information below for the Peer Group Learning session in Winchester on the 26 June 2008.

During November 2007 I delivered a presentation to my local Peer Group Learning group in Fareham. My talk was an introduction to blogging and how it can benefit a small business. I’d like to thank everyone that attended, I really enjoyed the session. One of the attendees Gavin Meikle from Inter-activ has already moved his blog from a hosted account with Blogger to a WordPress Install. Well done Gavin!

PGL Podcast Presentation

I recently delivered a presentation to my local Peer Group Learning session at the Marwell Hotel. The talk was an introduction to podcasting. The sessions are run by our local Business Link team. Thank you to Wendy and the team for giving me the opportunity to talk. I hope everyone enjoyed it.