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WordPress for Hampshire Primary School

uphamscreen01Upham Primary School is our local village school which our daughter Tessa attends. We recently offered to develop a website for the school and naturally turned to WordPress for our content management system. The staff at the school are not very computer literate, so we thought it would be interesting to see how they would cope with the WordPress UI.

The site makes extensive use of custom category pages to run the “From the Classroom” and “School News” sections. We were particularly excited about the “From the Classroom” section since it presented an opportunity for the students in the school to contribute to the site and use it as a showcase for their work.

Feedback from staff and parents on the design and functionality of the site has been very positive so far. We have dropped in to the school a number of times to check on progress and we’ve been very pleased with how the school has just been able to get on with posting content and updates. It is a testament to the excellent work done on the WordPress project that the first experience a group of primary teachers have had with a CMS has been so positive.

A special word of thanks to Rob Schlüter and his excellent “Archives by Category” plugin for WordPress. Our jQuery gallery is delivered via Christophe Beyls’s Slimbox 2.

WordPress Workshop in Winchester

A quick thank you to everyone that attended our WordPress Workshop in Winchester last night.  We certainly covered a great deal of ground in the three hours, moving from a general introduction to hands-on time posting new content and trying out the admin screens.

Our practical exercise for the evening involved creating a post about our favourite band, popstar or musician.  I can reveal to the world that our line-up for the evening included Take That, The Boy Least Likely To, Fleet Foxes, Johnny Cash, The Foo Fighters and Weezer.  I’ll let the attendees claim their performers in the comments below!

Auditel very kindly let us make use of their training room and I think it made a great venue.  Looking forward to the next one.

WordPress MU site for Auditel

Auditel (UK) Limited are the leading cost management consultants operating in the UK.  The business consists of a network of over 100 consultants who offer cost and purchase management consulting to the business community in their area of the UK.  Each consultant in the network is actively promoting the Auditel service and the company’s head office in Winchester supports these efforts with marketing collateral and other promotional material.